Quantum Computers..

One of the activities Which are held every Wednesday that have been done by the students of the organization ACM . The activity continue releasing technology subjects .In 2/9 , We have been talking about quantum computers .
In the beginning students talked about the definition of quantum computers and how  they linked the main source which is physics with technology . also it’s been focused on the differences between the classic computers and the quantum computers . and we d’not forget if is there any positives and high protection system ?? or negatives with the concentration on this technology and the studies on it . in the end of the route it goes to wonder where did the quantum computers arrived to ? or if is there any similar for it in this moment .

Augmented Reality..

One of the activities Which are held every Wednesday that have been done by the students of the organization ACM . The activity continue releasing technology subjects .
In 18/1, We have been talking about Augmented Reality .
Students talked about the most important differences between augmented reality and virtual technology
And the similarities between them which causes confusion Also been talk the most augmented reality features And cons . Because it is a technique modern place to experience and talk about the security side.
Also the focus was how to become in the future and how our lives will change by Augmented Reality.

Be inspired ..

On Wednesday () the student’s began activity of the ACM Organization with club student of Computer in the lobby of the college ..
be inspired is the first activity of this chapter, the goal of choice this activity to share benefit and strengthen the relation between the students.
be Inspired Is a students gathered to discuss topics a meaningful, or suggest a book , telling the story about inspiring people , this was the main idea of ​​this activity ..
* Munirah:
She talked about person inspired her and Have had a significant impact on her life Razan Aqeel is this character that inspired our friend through volunteer work and campaigns that she have created to help others.
* Anhar:
She talked about the positive and influential figure personal Thamer Alfrtoha happened in 2012 on entrepreneurship certificate after it passed through many problems and ongoing losses.
* Aisha Alhouchani:
The effective participation of the majority of students Because of what she got , first position in the seventh scientific conference, she got third place in the Sixth Scientific Conference through:
{to become innovator in your field has to be self-sufficient education, not university lectures}}
{Very important to find someone at the university inspired you}

– These are some of the posts in this activity ..

* The meeting was successful ..

Thankyou 🙂 ..




meeting with new students..

On Tuesday 9 \ 29 \ 2016 college of Computer do definitions activity in college hall through friendly interview between students of different levels with the new ones to discuss their difficulties and also to explain several key goals for them:
1-clarify the concepts of IT courses.
2: give them the tools to deal with some of the problems until the don’t do same mistakes again
3: discuss some of the important concepts such as:
– training Summer
-graduation project
-Accreditation and Accreditation of interest
Also we have the definition of the Organization of ACM
And the conclusion of the activity we have to leave the students tell us what has been to take advantage of it

thank you 🙂

Big Data

On monday March 28 The Computer College hosted professor Peter Akin,member of ACM in computing. He gave lecture in data domain,Thinking Differently about Data. In addition,professor Mohamed Alaffandi dean of computer faculty his lecture was about extract Data, Arabic computational linguistics. This event include some activities. The lecture was in main building of the department of student and, It has been transferred through the network to the theater in the girls' section. There was more then 200 students. And 3 of audience were selected randomly to awarded. Brochures have been handed out about Great Data.

Linux & Python workshop Online

Start: 20-Sep-2015

End: 22-Sep-2015

Presented by : Mr.Abdullah Alsabi

Linux and Python online workshop organised in 3 days with the instructor develop these programming languages .In addition, it include discuss and answer the trainees questions . The first day was about learning the Linux operating system basics . The second and third days were about learning the Python programming language basics and building a small project in these two days .

ACM Corner launching

- Start: 16-Apr-2015

- Number in Attendance: 50

As a part of the College of Computer Project Fair for 2015, a small
corner will be:
placed to distribute the four adaptation from the chapter news , letters
or magazines.
-Subjects of these new letters are: -
We have Just started, and we will keep going ( about ACM and the chapter)
-Open Source Software.
-Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD)
-Social Networks.

Hour of Code

Start: 02-Nov-2015

 In the Hour of Code event, members of the chapter have organized Hour of Code. In addition, they targeted many of high school students, where they use code.org to introduced the students to the concept of programming, and they did a Workshops in web programming using html5 and CSS.

ASP.NET & PHP language workshop Online

Start: 09-Oct-2015

End: 17-Oct-2015


Presented by : Mr.Abdullah Alhazmy

Organized Workshop in 4 days with a web developer to educate beginners about ASP.NET & PHP language.  Discussion and answering the trainees questions were included. In the first and second day trainees should  have the ability to create their own websites from ASP.net and SQL server using C# language. third and fourth day was about learning PHP programming language and building a website by using it .

Programming Contest

Start: 30-Aug-2015

End: 19-sep-2015

Programming competition consists three questions divided on three weeks. supervised by. Abdullah Eid. Registration was on Sunday August 30th to Friday September 4th. In addition, Registration can be an individual or groups (no more than three members of students). first question on Saturday September 5th, the second date September 12th , and the third on September 19th . Awards is a training package in Java, sponsored by Mr. Abdullah Eid.

Introduction to ACM chapter at the university (||) .

corner in main hall of academic for girls, on it there was a brochures include the our goals and introducing us as IT students club.

Main goals:

1-Introduce the ACM organization and explain their benefits for our university.

2- Attract other students to join us by providing a form for registration.

3- provide games such as puzzle and Monopoly to make learn IT enjoyable, and was the addition of this year.

Friendly meeting with the graduated students

During this activity graduated students met with some students from

different levels , and discussed difficulties that facing them and how they deal with .

-The goals of this activity are : 

1- clarify the concepts about IT courses.

2- Gave them advices to deal with some problems to do not make the same mistakes again.

3- Discussion about some important topics like : summer training and the graduation project .