s ACM Chapters

ACM’s Professional and Student chapters worldwide serve as hubs of activity for ACM members and the computing community at large.They provide seminars, lectures, learning forums and networking opportunities with peers and experts across the computing spectrum.

s ACM-W Chapter

ACM-W chapter is a part from ACM. It has been created to support women in computer fields, where there are 68 active W chapters around the world and most them in Europe and India.

s The Start

As the College intend to make the students part of computer related events and organisations , in 2014 we applied to open an ACM-W student chapter.

We started with 20 members and now we have 40 members in our chapter.

s Objectives
  • Activating the role of computing in Qassim region .
  •  Enhancing the community vision about all computing fields .
  •  Activating the women role in all computing fields for our community .
  • Attracting the attention of women, aware them about computer’s fields and support them.
  • Developing computer’s students skills in our college .

s Mission

Motivate and encourage female students to show, create and develop their skills. We aim to provide opportunities for knowledge dissemination to others and to highlight women role in computing and technology. We are taking consideration of all aspects of computer skills development they need.

s Vision

In ACM-W Chapter, we are looking forward to create conscious generation interested in computing and technology and become proficient in these fields, making them eligible to: work, participate in global competitions and able to develop their community technically.


s Members

Our Members ..